Synonyms for «Myths»:

1. Legends
2. Fables
3. Tales
4. Traditions
5. Superstitions
6. Fictions
7. Stories
8. Rumors
9. Allegories
10. Folklores
11. Fantasies
12. Myths
13. Fanciful stories
14. Fanciful tales
15. Fanciful beliefs
16. Fanciful ideas
17. Fanciful notions
18. Fanciful concepts
19. Fanciful legends
20. Fanciful fables
21. Fanciful superstitions
22. Fanciful traditions
23. Fanciful rumors
24. Fanciful fantasies
25. Imaginary stories
26. Imaginary tales
27. Imaginary beliefs
28. Imaginary ideas
29. Imaginary notions
30. Imaginary concepts

When you are looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «myths», you can find a variety of options. There are many different words that can be used to describe this concept, such as legends, fables, tales, traditions, superstitions, fictions, stories, rumors, allegories, folklores, and fantasies. Additionally, fanciful stories, fanciful tales, fanciful beliefs, fanciful ideas, fanciful notions, fanciful concepts, fanciful legends, fanciful fables, fanciful superstitions, fanciful traditions, fanciful rumors, fanciful fantasies, imaginary stories, imaginary tales, imaginary beliefs, imaginary ideas, imaginary notions, and imaginary concepts can all be used to describe myths. Whether you are looking for another word for myths, other words for myths, or the best synonyms for myths, this list provides you with an array of options to choose from.