1. Occultism
2. Spiritualism
3. Supernaturalism
4. Theurgy
5. Esotericism
6. Arcane
7. Metaphysics
8. Magick
9. Witchcraft
10. Sorcery
11. Shamanism
12. Animism
13. Mystic Arts
14. Occult Arts
15. Mysticism
16. Theosophy
17. Gnosticism
18. Hermeticism
19. Kabbalah
20. Alchemy
21. Divination
22. Numinous
23. Transcendentalism
24. Mystic Knowledge
25. Occult Knowledge
26. Mystic Powers
27. Occult Powers
28. Mysticism Practices
29. Occult Practices
30. Mysticism Beliefs

When searching for different words to express the concept of Mysticism, there are many ideas to consider. Synonyms for Mysticism can be found in many different areas. For example, occultism, spiritualism, supernaturalism, theurgy, and esotericism are all related to Mysticism. Other words that can be used include arcane, metaphysics, magick, witchcraft, sorcery, shamanism, and animism. The Mystic Arts, Occult Arts, Theosophy, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Divination, Numinous, and Transcendentalism can also be used to express the same concept. Additionally, Mystic Knowledge, Occult Knowledge, Mystic Powers, Occult Powers, Mysticism Practices, Occult Practices, and Mysticism Beliefs are all great ideas to consider when looking for synonyms for Mysticism. With so many synonyms for Mysticism, it can be difficult to decide which words to use. However, by considering the context and the intended audience, the best word can be chosen to express the concept.