1. Cardiac muscle
2. Cardiomyocyte
3. Cardiac fibers
4. Heart muscle
5. Heart fibers
6. Cardiac tissue
7. Myocardial cells
8. Myocardial fibers
9. Cardiac cells
10. Cardiac tissue
11. Myocardial tissue
12. Myocardial fibers
13. Cardiac myocytes
14. Cardiac myofibers
15. Cardiac myocardium
16. Heart wall
17. Cardiac wall
18. Cardiac fibers
19. Cardiac matrix
20. Myocardial matrix
21. Cardiac fiber
22. Cardiac fibers
23. Cardiac striations
24. Myocardial striations
25. Cardiac muscle fibers
26. Cardiac myofibrils
27. Cardiac fibers
28. Cardiac fibers
29. Cardiac musculature
30. Myocardial musculature

When searching for synonyms for the word «myocardium», it is important to consider the best ideas and other words that can effectively convey the same meaning. The list above contains 30 synonyms for the word «myocardium», ranging from cardiac muscle and heart muscle to cardiac myofibrils and myocardial musculature. Each of these words can be used to accurately describe the myocardium, the muscle layer of the heart wall. Whether you are looking for a word to use in a medical context or simply want to find a different way to refer to the myocardium, this list of synonyms provides a great starting point.