1. Gallery
2. Exhibit
3. Collection
4. Archive
5. Library
6. Showroom
7. Archive
8. Institution
9. Depository
10. Archive
11. Vault
12. Conservatory
13. Study
14. Menagerie
15. Archive
16. Pantheon
17. Treasury
18. House of Wonders
19. Archive
20. Hall of Records
21. Den
22. Museum of Natural History
23. Archive
24. Museum of Science
25. Museum of Art
26. Archive
27. Museum of Antiquities
28. Museum of Technology
29. Archive
30. Museum of Natural Science

When looking for other words for “Museum”, there are many ideas to consider. A museum can be a gallery, an exhibit, a collection, an archive, a library, a showroom, an institution, a depository, a vault, a conservatory, a study, a menagerie, a pantheon, a treasury, a house of wonders, a hall of records, a den, a museum of natural history, a museum of science, a museum of art, a museum of antiquities, a museum of technology, or a museum of natural science. These are the best ideas to use when looking for synonyms for “Museum”.