1. Chance
2. Fate
3. Providence
4. Kismet
5. Doom
6. Fortune
7. Accident
8. Destiny
9. Happenstance
10. Quirk
11. Coincidence
12. Contingency
13. Occurrence
14. Lot
15. Hazard
16. Casualty
17. Circumstance
18. Oddity
19. Fluke
20. Chanciness
21. Lottery
22. Lottery of life
23. Gamble
24. Mishap
25. Misfortune
26. Serendipity
27. Unpredictability
28. Unforeseeability
29. Unforeseen
30. Unanticipated

Finding the right synonyms for the word «Murphy» can be a difficult task. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase, there are a variety of options to choose from. Here are the best ideas and other words for «Murphy» that you can use to express the same idea. From «Chance» and «Fate» to «Providence» and «Kismet», these synonyms will help you find the perfect word to express the idea of Murphy in a unique way. Other words for Murphy include «Doom», «Fortune», «Accident», «Destiny», and «Happenstance». Additionally, you can use «Quirk», «Coincidence», and «Contingency» to describe Murphy. For a more unusual option, try «Occurrence», «Lot», «Hazard», or «Casualty». Finally, some of the best ideas for synonyms for Murphy include «Circumstance», «Oddity», «Fluke», «Chanciness», and «Lottery of Life». With this list of synonyms for Murphy, you can easily find the perfect word to express the same idea.