1. Bavarian City
2. Bavarian Capital
3. Bavaria
4. German City
5. German Capital
6. Deutschland
7. Franconia
8. Schwabing
9. Landeshauptstadt
10. City of Oktoberfest
11. City of Lederhosen
12. Home of the Hofbräuhaus
13. Home of the Residenz
14. Home of the Frauenkirche
15. Home of the Englischer Garten
16. Home of the Nymphenburg Palace
17. Home of the BMW
18. Home of the Allianz Arena
19. Home of the Olympiapark
20. Home of the Deutsches Museum
21. Home of the Viktualienmarkt
22. Home of the Marienplatz
23. Home of the Isar
24. Home of the Isar River
25. Home of the Bavarian Alps
26. Home of the Bavarian Forest
27. Home of the Alps
28. Home of the Alps Mountains
29. Home of the Neuschwanstein Castle
30. Home of the Alps Resorts

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