1. Augment
2. Increase
3. Expand
4. Accumulate
5. Accrue
6. Amplify
7. Compound
8. Accumulate
9. Aggregate
10. Add
11. Prolong
12. Pluriply
13. Procreate
14. Augment
15. Spread
16. Enhance
17. Accretion
18. Breed
19. Propagate
20. Acclivity
21. Magnify
22. Duplicate
23. Accresce
24. Replicate
25. Proliferate
26. Reproduce
27. Broaden
28. Inflate
29. Multiply by
30. Compound

Searching for synonyms for the word “multiply” can be a great way to add variety to your writing. Whether you’re looking for the best words to use in an essay, a speech, or a creative project, having a list of synonyms for multiply can be a great resource. Instead of using the same word over and over, you can use a synonym to make your writing more interesting and varied. Synonyms for multiply include augment, increase, expand, accumulate, accrue, amplify, compound, aggregate, add, prolong, pluriply, procreate, spread, enhance, accretion, breed, propagate, acclivity, magnify, duplicate, accresce, replicate, proliferate, reproduce, broaden, inflate, multiply by, and compound. These words can help you to express the same concept in different ways, giving your writing a more sophisticated feel.