1. Expanded
2. Augmented
3. Prolonged
4. Magnified
5. Accumulated
6. Swelled
7. Increased
8. Broadened
9. Intensified
10. Progressed
11. Grew
12. Augmented
13. Mounted
14. Enlarged
15. Amassed
16. Strengthened
17. Accrued
18. Broadened
19. Proliferated
20. Advanced
21. Augmented
22. Inflated
23. Developed
24. Spread
25. Elevated
26. Heightened
27. Multiplicand
28. Accreted
29. Added
30. Compounded

When looking for alternative words for ‘multiplied’, it is important to consider the context of the sentence. Depending on the purpose of the sentence, there are a variety of best ideas and synonyms to choose from. For example, if you are looking for a word to describe a situation that has grown or increased, then ‘expanded’, ‘augmented’, ‘prolonged’, ‘magnified’, ‘accumulated’, ‘swelled’, ‘increased’, and ‘broadened’ are all excellent options. If the sentence is referring to a situation that has intensified or progressed, then ‘intensified’, ‘progressed’, ‘grew’, ‘augmented’, ‘mounted’, ‘enlarged’, ‘amassed’, and ‘strengthened’ are all great alternatives. If the sentence is referring to a situation that has proliferated or developed, then ‘proliferated’, ‘advanced’, ‘augmented’, ‘inflated’, ‘developed’, ‘spread’, ‘elevated’, ‘heightened’, ‘multiplicand’, ‘accreted’, ‘added’, and ‘compounded’ are all top choices. With so many synonyms for ‘multiplied’, it is easy to find the perfect word for any sentence.