1. Transnational
2. Global
3. Universal
4. Worldwide
5. Cosmopolitan
6. Intercontinental
7. Interglobal
8. All-inclusive
9. Comprehensive
10. Pan-national
11. Plurinational
12. Extraterritorial
13. Transregional
14. Polynational
15. Omninational
16. Multijurisdictional
17. Multinationality
18. Multiracial
19. Multilingual
20. Multicultural
21. Multiregional
22. Multisectoral
23. Multistate
24. Multinationalized
25. Multinationalizing
26. Multinationalized
27. Polycentric
28. Intercultural
29. Interregional
30. Multinationalized

When considering the best ideas for a multinational business, it is important to understand the various synonyms for the term. Other words for multinational include transnational, global, universal, worldwide, cosmopolitan, intercontinental, interglobal, all-inclusive, comprehensive, pan-national, plurinational, extraterritorial, transregional, polynational, omninational, multijurisdictional, multinationality, multiracial, multilingual, multicultural, multiregional, multisectoral, multistate, multinationalized, multinationalizing, multinationalized, polycentric, intercultural, interregional, and multinationalized. Each of these terms can be used to describe an organization that operates in multiple countries or regions. Understanding the nuances of these terms can help business owners make the best decisions for their multinational business.