1. Documents
2. Papers
3. Records
4. Writings
5. Texts
6. Scripts
7. Manuscripts
8. Memoranda
9. Parchments
10. Scrolls
11. Notices
12. Files
13. Communications
14. Correspondence
15. Statements
16. Reports
17. Postings
18. Publications
19. Despatches
20. Letters
21. Diaries
22. Ledgers
23. Registers
24. Archives
25. Bulletins
26. Treatises
27. Proclamations
28. Annals
29. Chronicles
30. Excerpts

When searching for a different way to refer to a specific type of document, the best ideas are to use synonyms such as documents, papers, records, writings, texts, scripts, manuscripts, memoranda, parchments, scrolls, notices, files, communications, correspondence, statements, reports, postings, publications, despatches, letters, diaries, ledgers, registers, archives, bulletins, treatises, proclamations, annals, chronicles, and excerpts. These words are all used to describe the same type of document, but can be used to provide variety in writing. For example, when writing a report on a specific document, it is helpful to use different words to refer to the same document, as this can make the writing more interesting and engaging. Furthermore, by using synonyms for the same document, it can be easier to create a more detailed and comprehensive report.