1. Sir
2. Gentleman
3. Esquire
4. Master
5. Mister
6. Lord
7. Nobleman
8. Gaffer
9. Governor
10. Head
11. Boss
12. Chief
13. Foreman
14. Supervisor
15. Manager
16. Leader
17. Director
18. Chairperson
19. Elder
20. Patriarch
21. Father
22. Grandfather
23. Grandee
24. Gentleman Farmer
25. Squire
26. Landholder
27. Proprietor
28. Landlord
29. Owner
30. Proprietor

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «MR»? Whether you’re writing a paper, preparing a presentation, or just looking for other words to use in conversation, this list of synonyms for «MR» is the best place to start. From the formal «Sir» and «Gentleman» to the more casual «Gaffer» and «Governor,» there are plenty of ideas to choose from. For the most formal occasions, try using «Lord,» «Esquire,» or «Nobleman.» If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, «Gaffer,» «Boss,» or «Foreman» could be the perfect choice. Of course, you can also use the classic «Mister» or «Master» as well. No matter what you need, this list of synonyms for «MR» has something to offer.