1. Member of Parliament
2. Legislator
3. Representative
4. Politician
5. Lawmaker
6. Delegate
7. Senator
8. Assemblyman
9. Councilman
10. Legislatorial
11. Constituent
12. Deputy
13. Jurist
14. Juror
15. Official
16. Officer
17. Statesman
18. Bureaucrat
19. Elected
20. Magistrate
21. Alderman
22. Councilor
23. Governmental
24. Politic
25. Authority
26. Officer in Charge
27. Administrator
28. Mandatary
29. Envoy
30. Commissioner

Finding the right synonym for the term «MP» can be difficult, but there are a variety of words that can be used to describe this important role. Whether you’re looking for a synonym for «MP» to use in a speech or for a writing project, here are some of the best ideas. Terms like «Member of Parliament,» «Legislator,» «Representative,» and «Politician» are all popular synonyms for «MP.» Other words for «MP» include «Lawmaker,» «Delegate,» «Senator,» «Assemblyman,» and «Councilman.» The term «Legislatorial» is also a great synonym for «MP,» as it refers to the legislative branch of government. Additionally, terms like «Constituent,» «Deputy,» «Jurist,» and «Juror» can also be used to describe the role of an MP.

When it comes to synonyms for «MP,» words like «Official,» «Officer,» «Statesman,» and «Bureaucrat» are also quite popular. Elected officials like «Magistrate,» «Alderman,» and «Councilor» can also be used to describe an MP. Other terms like «Governmental,» «Politic,» «Authority,» «Officer in Charge,» «Administrator,» «Mandatary,» «Envoy,» and «Commissioner» are also great synonyms for «MP.» With these words, you can easily find the perfect synonym for the role of an MP.