Synonyms for «Movements»:

1. Motions
2. Changes
3. Progressions
4. Evolutions
5. Shifts
6. Developments
7. Transitions
8. Progress
9. Trajectories
10. Swings
11. Alterations
12. Variations
13. Transformations
14. Motions
15. Wanderings
16. Journeys
17. Strides
18. Courses
19. Excursions
20. Tours
21. Drifts
22. Voyages
23. Travels
24. Circulations
25. Fluctuations
26. Variations
27. Traverses
28. Transfers
29. Voyages
30. Excursions

When you are looking for other words for «Movements», there are a variety of options that can be used. Whether you are looking to describe a physical movement or a change in an idea, there are plenty of different words that can be used to express the concept. Some of the best ideas include motions, changes, progressions, evolutions, shifts, developments, transitions, progress, trajectories, swings, and alterations. All of these words can be used to express the idea of movement in a variety of ways. No matter what type of movement you are trying to describe, there are plenty of different words that can be used to give your writing a more creative and descriptive feel.