1. Relocate
2. Journey
3. Progress
4. Advance
5. Transfer
6. Migrate
7. Vacate
8. Evacuate
9. Progress
10. Commute
11. Go
12. Shuffle
13. Drift
14. Wander
15. Change
16. Exit
17. Cruise
18. Cross
19. Float
20. Hike
21. Roam
22. Traverse
23. Trek
24. Tour
25. Jaunt
26. Navigate
27. Trek
28. Progress
29. Shift
30. Translate

When you’re looking for ideas to express yourself, it can be helpful to know what other words are available. Synonyms for the word “move” can help you find the best way to articulate your thoughts. Whether you’re writing a story, essay, or simply looking to spice up your vocabulary, having a list of other words for “move” can be invaluable. Relocate, journey, progress, and advance are just a few of the many synonyms available to you. Other words for “move” include transfer, migrate, vacate, evacuate, commute, go, shuffle, drift, wander, and change. With this list of 30 synonyms for “move”, you can find the best way to express yourself and your ideas.