1. Oral cavity
2. Jaw
3. Lips
4. Muzzle
5. Gullet
6. Chops
7. Gob
8. Visage
9. Facial aperture
10. Yap
11. Masticator
12. Maxilla
13. Mandible
14. Oral orifice
15. Munch
16. Snout
17. Snarl
18. Mow
19. Countenance
20. Jawbone
21. Puss
22. Pie hole
23. Trap
24. Nibbler
25. Pucker
26. Mumble
27. Gape
28. Slurp
29. Schnozzle
30. Chatter

Looking for a synonym for the word “mouth”? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the best ideas for other words for mouth. Whether you’re looking for a formal synonym or a more colloquial one, you’ll find the perfect fit in this list of thirty synonyms. From oral cavity to jaw to pucker, this list of synonyms for mouth is sure to provide you with the perfect word to fit your needs. For those looking for an informal word, try out munch, yap, or mow. For a more formal word, try out maxilla, mandible, or masticator. Whichever word you choose, you won’t be disappointed with the selection of synonyms for mouth.