1. Ghastly
2. Macabre
3. Dire
4. Noxious
5. Sinister
6. Direful
7. Ghoulish
8. Direness
9. Unhealthy
10. Putrid
11. Grim
12. Deathly
13. Feverish
14. Foul
15. Pernicious
16. Direfully
17. Cadaverous
18. Pestilent
19. Direness
20. Direfully
21. Sallow
22. Cadaverous
23. Unwholesome
24. Malignant
25. Ill-omened
26. Direly
27. Putrescent
28. Ghastliness
29. Unnatural
30. Unhealthy

Searching for synonyms of the word «morbid» can be a daunting task. However, with the right ideas in mind, you can find the best words to describe your thoughts and feelings. Here are 30 of the best synonyms for the word «morbid», providing you with a wide range of options to choose from. These words include ghastly, macabre, dire, noxious, sinister, direful, ghoulish, direness, unhealthy, putrid, grim, deathly, feverish, foul, pernicious, direfully, cadaverous, pestilent, direness, direfully, sallow, cadaverous, unwholesome, malignant, ill-omened, direly, putrescent, ghastliness, unnatural, and unhealthy. With these words, you can easily express your thoughts and feelings on any morbid topic.