1. Funds
2. Currency
3. Capital
4. Dough
5. Cash
6. Coin
7. Specie
8. Bankroll
9. Riches
10. Assets
11. Fortune
12. Wealth
13. Investment
14. Stock
15. Pay
16. Salary
17. Remuneration
18. Wages
19. Subsidy
20. Allowance
21. Reserve
22. Compensations
23. Grants
24. Endowment
25. Gelt
26. Lettuce
27. Moolah
28. Lucre
29. Purse
30. Change

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word “moneys”, the best ideas are to look for words that describe the same concept. Whether it’s funds, currency, capital, or dough, there are many different words that can be used to express the same idea. Other words for money can include cash, coin, specie, bankroll, riches, assets, fortune, wealth, investment, stock, pay, salary, remuneration, wages, subsidy, allowance, reserve, compensations, grants, endowment, gelt, lettuce, moolah, lucre, purse, and change. All of these words can be used to talk about money and represent the same concept in different ways.