1. Damp
2. Saturated
3. Humid
4. Drenched
5. Dripping
6. Beaded
7. Dank
8. Soggy
9. Soaked
10. Rainy
11. Dewy
12. Aqueous
13. Squishy
14. Sodden
15. Succulent
16. Dewy
17. Clammy
18. Hazy
19. Muggy
20. Lush
21. Sluicy
22. Humidified
23. Perfuse
24. Cloying
25. Drenched
26. Juicy
27. Saturated
28. Moistened
29. Drippy
30. Dew-laden

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «moist»? Finding the best words to express a particular idea can be challenging, but we have some ideas for you! Whether you are writing a poem, a story, or just trying to find another word for «moist», you can use any of these 30 synonyms. From «damp» and «saturated» to «dewy» and «cloying», you’ll find the perfect word to fit your needs. Not only are these words great for writing, but they can also help you expand your vocabulary and become more creative with your language. Try using these synonyms for «moist» today and see how they can improve your writing!