1. Ways
2. Methods
3. Manner
4. Means
5. Styles
6. Techniques
7. Practices
8. Routines
9. Approaches
10. Strategies
11. Plans
12. Customs
13. Habits
14. Formats
15. Protocols
16. Rules
17. Routines
18. Rituals
19. Patterns
20. Fashions
21. Designs
22. Systems
23. Modes of operation
24. Regimes
25. Procedures
26. Formulae
27. Practices
28. Habits
29. Precepts
30. Standards

Finding the right synonym for the word “modes” can be tricky, but with a little research and practice, you can find the best words to use. Whether you’re looking for a synonym for “modes” in a professional setting or in everyday conversation, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Ways, methods, manner, means, styles, techniques, practices, routines, approaches, strategies, plans, customs, habits, formats, protocols, rules, routines, rituals, patterns, fashions, designs, systems, modes of operation, regimes, procedures, formulae, practices, habits, precepts, and standards are all great synonyms for the word “modes”. With so many ideas to choose from, you can find the best synonym to fit your needs.