1. Bad luck
2. Calamity
3. Disaster
4. Misadventure
5. Tragedy
6. Catastrophe
7. Ill luck
8. Misfire
9. Setback
10. Adversity
11. Affliction
12. Bane
13. Blow
14. Burden
15. Curse
16. Difficulty
17. Doom
18. Hindrance
19. Hardship
20. Ill fortune
21. Mischance
22. Misery
23. Misfortune
24. Pain
25. Plight
26. Predicament
27. Scourge
28. Sorrow
29. Trouble
30. Woe

Searching for synonyms of the word «misfortune» can be a tricky task. It’s often hard to find the best words to express the same meaning. However, with this list of 30 synonyms, you’ll be able to find the perfect word to express your idea. From «bad luck» and «calamity» to «trouble» and «woe», you’ll find the best ideas to replace the word «misfortune». Whether you’re looking for a more formal or a more casual word, this list has it all. With this list of synonyms for «misfortune», you’ll never be stuck for the perfect word again.