Synonyms for Minutes:

1. Seconds
2. Intervals
3. Moments
4. Periods
5. Instants
6. Times
7. Ages
8. Interims
9. Interstices
10. Interregnums
11. Jiffies
12. Fractions
13. Segments
14. Spaces
15. Stretches
16. Durations
17. Intervalls
18. Tranches
19. Spaces of time
20. Intermissions
21. Interludes
22. Breaks
23. Breathers
24. Lapses
25. Intervalle
26. Interludes
27. Divisions
28. Segments
29. Stages
30. Phases

When looking for synonyms for the word «minutes», the best ideas are to think of words that describe the concept of a short period of time. Words such as seconds, intervals, moments, periods, instants, times, ages, interims, interstices, interregnums, jiffies, fractions, segments, spaces, stretches, and durations can all be used to describe a small amount of time. Other words such as intervalls, tranches, spaces of time, intermissions, interludes, breaks, breathers, lapses, intervalle, interludes, divisions, segments, stages, and phases are also great options for describing a short amount of time. All of these words can be used to convey the same meaning as the word «minutes».