1. Instant
2. Moment
3. Sec
4. Hour
5. Jiffy
6. Flash
7. Split-second
8. Instantaneous
9. Speedy
10. Quick
11. Accelerated
12. Rapid
13. Express
14. Immediate
15. Fast
16. Fleet
17. Hurried
18. Hasty
19. Snap
20. Prompt
21. Brisk
22. Brief
23. Short
24. Swift
25. Rapidly
26. Expeditious
27. Breakneck
28. Flying
29. Snappy
30. Accelerating

When trying to find the best ideas for a project or task, it can be helpful to use synonyms for the words you are looking for. For example, when needing to refer to an amount of time that is very small, using the word “minute” can be too broad. Other words for “minute” can be used to add more clarity, such as “instant”, “moment”, “sec”, “hour”, “jiffy”, “flash”, or “split-second”. Additionally, words like “speedy”, “quick”, “rapid”, “express”, “immediate”, “fast”, “fleet”, “hurried”, “hasty”, “snap”, “prompt”, “brisk”, “short”, “swift”, “rapidly”, “expeditious”, “breakneck”, “flying”, “snappy”, and “accelerating” can all be used to refer to a small amount of time. With all of these options, it is easy to find the best words to use for any project or task.