1. Departments
2. Agencies
3. Bureaus
4. Divisions
5. Offices
6. Authorities
7. Sections
8. Commissions
9. Services
10. Organisations
11. Institutions
12. Boards
13. Groups
14. Centers
15. Branches
16. Societies
17. Trusts
18. Agencies
19. Foundations
20. Councils
21. Unions
22. Federations
23. Associations
24. Clubs
25. Bodies
26. Sects
27. Chapters
28. Congregations
29. Cliques
30. Conferences

When looking for other words for «ministries», there are many options to choose from. The best ideas include departments, agencies, bureaus, divisions, offices, authorities, services, organisations, institutions, boards, groups, centers, branches, societies, trusts, agencies, foundations, councils, unions, federations, associations, clubs, bodies, sects, chapters, congregations, cliques, and conferences. All of these words are synonyms for «ministries» and can be used to describe a variety of different government or non-profit organisations. Whether you’re looking for a more formal term for an organisation, or a more casual term for a group of people, these synonyms can provide you with the perfect word.