1. Minimum: Least
2. Minimum: Lowest
3. Minimum: Smallest
4. Minimum: Low
5. Minimum: Shortest
6. Minimum: Scant
7. Minimum: Modest
8. Minimum: Minimum amount
9. Minimum: Limited
10. Minimum: Brief
11. Minimum: Meager
12. Minimum: Negligible
13. Minimum: Inferior
14. Minimum: Substandard
15. Minimum: Inadequate
16. Minimum: Inexact
17. Minimum: Narrow
18. Minimum: Incomplete
19. Minimum: Few
20. Minimum: Inappreciable
21. Minimum: Inconsequential
22. Minimum: Abbreviated
23. Minimum: Inessential
24. Minimum: Unimportant
25. Minimum: Unremarkable
26. Minimum: Paltry
27. Minimum: Trivial
28. Minimum: Unsubstantial
29. Minimum: Insignificant
30. Minimum: Unsatisfactory

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