1. Diggers
2. Quarrymen
3. Excavators
4. Tunnelers
5. Prospectors
6. Delvers
7. Grubbers
8. Burrowers
9. Scoopers
10. Laborers
11. Operators
12. Foragers
13. Delvers
14. Borers
15. Grapplers
16. Miners
17. Extractors
18. Artificers
19. Probers
20. Excavators
21. Delvers
22. Miners
23. Scrapers
24. Seekers
25. Diggers
26. Tunnelers
27. Explorers
28. Unearthing
29. Scavengers
30. Trenchers

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “miners”? Whether you’re a student looking for the best ideas for a school project or a professional who needs to come up with a creative way to describe miners, this list of synonyms is perfect for you. From diggers and quarrymen to excavators and tunnelers, you’ll find the perfect word to fit your needs. Other words for miners include prospectors, delvers, grubbers, burrowers, scooper, and laborers. If you’re looking for the best ideas to describe miners, this list of synonyms is sure to help you out.