1. Unearthed
2. Extracted
3. Quarried
4. Excavated
5. Delved
6. Dug
7. Reaped
8. Harvested
9. Gleaned
10. Sifted
11. Panned
12. Rifled
13. Scavenged
14. Foraged
15. Salvaged
16. Recovered
17. Gathered
18. Culled
19. Collected
20. Drained
21. Bored
22. Tunneled
23. Probed
24. Sought
25. Sunk
26. Prodded
27. Searched
28. Ransacked
29. Plundered
30. Explored

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word «mined», there are a number of options available. From «unearthed» and «extracted» to «sifted» and «panned», there are many other words for mined that could be used to describe the process of mining. Additionally, words such as «delved», «dug», «harvested», and «gleaned» are all excellent options when trying to find alternative words for mined. For those looking for the most creative and unique ideas, words such as «scavenged», «foraged», «salvaged», and «drained» provide a great selection of synonyms for mined.