1. Multitude
2. Myriad
3. Innumerable
4. Profusion
5. Abundance
6. Billions
7. Legions
8. Host
9. Vastness
10. Ocean
11. Flood
12. Wealth
13. Load
14. Plethora
15. Masses
16. Surfeit
17. Heap
18. Flock
19. Swarm
20. Throng
21. Horde
22. Plenitude
23. Copiousness
24. Galaxy
25. Ample
26. Abounding
27. Copious
28. Multifarious
29. Profuseness
30. Multitudinous

Looking for other words for «millions»? There are plenty of great ideas to choose from! From multitude to profusion, and from billions to throng, there is a wide range of synonyms available to describe the concept of «millions». Whether you’re looking for a single word or a phrase to describe a large quantity, there is a perfect term for your needs. Not sure which one to choose? Consider the context of your writing and pick the best fit for your message. Whether it’s a profusion of people or an abundance of wealth, there are plenty of synonyms for «millions» to choose from.