1. Creamy
2. Opalescent
3. White
4. Pearly
5. Milky-white
6. Milky-hued
7. Milky-colored
8. Milky-tinted
9. Cloudy
10. Milky-looking
11. Milky-textured
12. Milky-appearing
13. Milky-like
14. Milky-shaded
15. Milky-tinted
16. Milky-tinged
17. Milky-toned
18. Milky-flecked
19. Milky-veined
20. Milky-streaked
21. Milky-streaked
22. Milky-banded
23. Milky-tinged
24. Milky-mottled
25. Milky-veined
26. Milky-streaked
27. Milky-streaked
28. Milky-banded
29. Milky-tinged
30. Milky-mottled

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