1. Armed forces
2. Army
3. Navy
4. Air force
5. Marines
6. Cadets
7. Soldiers
8. Officers
9. Generals
10. Commanders
11. Enlisted
12. Regiment
13. Squadron
14. Division
15. Battalion
16. Brigade
17. Regiment
18. Regimentation
19. Warring
20. Combatant
21. Warlike
22. Campaigner
23. Fighter
24. Warrior
25. Soldiery
26. Armaments
27. Weaponry
28. Artillery
29. Munitions
30. Armies

Are you looking for other words for military? Whether you’re writing a paper, making a presentation, or just trying to expand your vocabulary, there are plenty of synonyms for the term “military”. From “armed forces” to “warrior”, here are the best ideas to use as synonyms for military. The most commonly used synonyms for military include “army”, “navy”, “air force”, “marines”, “cadets”, “soldiers”, “officers”, “generals”, “commanders”, “enlisted”, “regiment”, “squadron”, “division”, “battalion”, “brigade”, “regimentation”, “warring”, “combatant”, “warlike”, “campaigner”, “fighter”, “warrior”, “soldiery”, “armaments”, “weaponry”, “artillery”, “munitions”, and “armies”. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation and can be used to convey different nuances. By learning and using these synonyms, you can add variety and depth to your writing.