1. Munich
2. Bavaria
3. Franken
4. Schwaben
5. Muenchen
6. Bavarian
7. Franconia
8. Schwabian
9. Muenching
10. Municher
11. Bavarian City
12. Franconian
13. Schwabish
14. Muenchner
15. Bavarian Town
16. Franconian City
17. Schwabian City
18. Muenchner City
19. Bavarian Capital
20. Franconian Capital
21. Schwabian Capital
22. Muenchner Capital
23. Bavarian Metropolis
24. Franconian Metropolis
25. Schwabian Metropolis
26. Muenchner Metropolis
27. Bavarian Urban Area
28. Franconian Urban Area
29. Schwabian Urban Area
30. Muenchner Urban Area

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