1. Bacteria
2. Germs
3. Viruses
4. Protozoa
5. Fungi
6. Algae
7. Yeasts
8. Protoctista
9. Archaea
10. Actinomycetes
11. Spirochetes
12. Mycoplasma
13. Rickettsiae
14. Viroids
15. Prions
16. Eukaryotes
17. Microbes
18. Microflora
19. Pathogens
20. Micro-organisms
21. Microscopic Organisms
22. Microscopic Life Forms
23. Single-celled Organisms
24. Nanobes
25. Nanobacteria
26. Nanoplankton
27. Nanoorganisms
28. Minibeasts
29. Microfauna
30. Microscopic Fauna

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