1. Cycles per second
2. Hertz
3. Frequency
4. Kilohertz
5. Megahertz
6. Gigahertz
7. Revolutions per second
8. Rotations per second
9. RPS
10. CPS
11. Alternations per second
12. Wavelength
13. Oscillations per second
14. Vibrations per second
15. Pulsations per second
16. RPM
17. Fluctuations per second
18. Beats per second
19. Vibratory rate
20. Oscillatory rate
21. Wave rate
22. Periodicity
23. Periodicity rate
24. Wave frequency
25. Wave number
26. Angular frequency
27. Angular velocity
28. Angular speed
29. Temporal frequency
30. Temporal rate

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word «MHz», there are many options to choose from. From cycles per second to hertz and frequency, there are many different words that can be used to describe the same concept. Additionally, other words such as kilohertz, megahertz, and gigahertz can be used to describe the same concept. Revolutions per second, rotations per second, and rps are also valid alternatives. Alternations per second, wavelength, and oscillations per second are great options for synonyms for the word «MHz». Vibrations per second, pulsations per second, rpm, and fluctuations per second are also great ideas for synonyms. Beats per second, vibratory rate, oscillatory rate, wave rate, periodicity, periodicity rate, wave frequency, wave number, angular frequency, angular velocity, angular speed, temporal frequency, temporal rate are all excellent ideas for synonyms for the word «MHz».