1. Latino
2. Hispanic
3. Chicano
4. Tejano
5. South of the Border
6. Central American
7. Mexican-American
8. Latin American
9. Latinx
10. Hispano
11. Iberoamerican
12. Aztec
13. Mayan
14. Nuevo Mexicano
15. Mesoamerican
16. Indio
17. Mestizo
18. Conquistador
19. Azteca
20. Latin
21. Pachuco
22. Mexicano
23. Latin@
24. Guadalajara
25. Caballero
26. Jalisco
27. Guerrero
28. Sonoran
29. Oaxacan
30. Yucatecan

When looking for the best ideas and other words for «Mexican», there are many synonyms to choose from. From the more general terms like «Latino» and «Hispanic» to the more specific terms like «Chicano» and «Tejano», there is a wide variety of words to choose from. Additionally, there are terms that focus on the culture and history of Mexico, such as «Aztec», «Mayan», and «Conquistador». For those looking to further define the term, there are also regional terms like «Guadalajara», «Jalisco», «Sonoran», and «Oaxacan». With so many synonyms available, there is no shortage of words to choose from when referring to the Mexican culture.