1. Consolidation
2. Combination
3. Union
4. Fusion
5. Integration
6. Alliance
7. Acquisition
8. Joinder
9. Amalgamation
10. Unification
11. Absorption
12. Annexation
13. Synergy
14. Merging
15. Coalescence
16. Affiliation
17. Combining
18. Association
19. Uniting
20. Unifying
21. Conjoining
22. Consolidating
23. Blending
24. Pooling
25. Unification
26. Combustion
27. Conglomeration
28. Fusing
29. Joint Venture
30. Assimilation

When searching for alternative terms for «merger», there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms for «merger» can range from more technical terms such as consolidation and absorption to more everyday words like combination and union. Depending on the context, the best word to use can vary. Some of the most popular synonyms for «merger» include fusion, integration, alliance, and acquisition. Other words for «merger» include joinder, amalgamation, unification, coalescence, and more. No matter what the context, there are plenty of great ideas to consider when looking for other words for «merger».