1. Referencing
2. Alluding
3. Citing
4. Naming
5. Quoting
6. Specifying
7. Stating
8. Citing
9. Noting
10. Declaring
11. Recounting
12. Observing
13. Suggesting
14. Crediting
15. Highlighting
16. Pointing out
17. Remarking
18. Endorsing
19. Indicating
20. Quoting
21. Referring
22. Acknowledging
23. Citing
24. Mentioning
25. Elaborating
26. Cogitating
27. Illustrating
28. Narrating
29. Recalling
30. Remarking

Finding the right words to express your ideas is a difficult task. Whether you are writing an essay, a blog post, or a speech, using synonyms for mentioning can help you make your writing more interesting and engaging. Here are some of the best ideas for other words for mentioning that can be used in any situation. Referencing, alluding, citing, naming, quoting, specifying, stating, noting, declaring, recounting, observing, suggesting, crediting, highlighting, pointing out, remarking, endorsing, indicating, referring, acknowledging, elaborating, cogitating, illustrating, narrating, recalling, and remarking are all excellent synonyms for mentioning. Using these words can help you add variety to your writing and make your ideas clearer and more concise.