1. Devour
2. Consume
3. Ingest
4. Swallow
5. Gulp
6. Absorb
7. Suck
8. Inhale
9. Chomp
10. Chug
11. Gormandize
12. Bolt
13. Munch
14. Wolf
15. Guzzle
16. Nibble
17. Graze
18. Scarf
19. Quaff
20. Slurp
21. Bolster
22. Glut
23. Nosh
24. Sup
25. Gobble
26. Masticate
27. Chew
28. Crunch
29. Swig
30. Swill

Searching for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «meng»? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of 30 different words to use in place of «meng». From devour to swallow, consume to inhale, and gulp to chug, the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for other words for «meng» that are a bit more unique, try words like gormandize, bolt, munch, wolf, guzzle, nibble, graze, quaff, or slurp. For even more options, consider bolting, nosh, sup, gobble, masticate, chew, crunch, swig, or swill. No matter which word you choose, you can be sure to find the perfect synonym for «meng» to fit your needs.