1. Dissolve
2. Disintegrate
3. Liquefy
4. Fuse
5. Soften
6. Thaw
7. Merg
8. Vanish
9. Dematerialize
10. Subside
11. Perish
12. Deliquesce
13. Decompose
14. Resolve
15. Slump
16. Degrade
17. Flux
18. Unravel
19. Slur
20. Expire
21. Desiccate
22. Relinquish
23. Desolve
24. Abate
25. Disperse
26. Evaporate
27. Disintegrate
28. Unite
29. Demolish
30. Disorganize

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «melt»? You’ve come to the right place! Here we have compiled a list of 30 other words for «melt» that can be used in place of the original word. Dissolve, disintegrate, liquefy, fuse, soften, thaw, merge, vanish, dematerialize, subside, perish, deliquesce, decompose, resolve, slump, degrade, flux, unravel, slur, expire, desiccate, relinquish, desolve, abate, disperse, evaporate, disintegrate, unite, demolish, and disorganize are all synonyms for the word «melt». With this list, you can find the perfect word to accurately describe your desired meaning.