1. Automated
2. Operated
3. Robotic
4. Motorized
5. Electronic
6. Controlled
7. Programmed
8. Driven
9. Machined
10. Constructed
11. Powered
12. Automotive
13. Calculated
14. Calculating
15. Mechanical-like
16. Man-made
17. Artificial
18. Disconnected
19. Automatized
20. Calculable
21. Systematic
22. Systematized
23. Prefabricated
24. Manufactured
25. Fabricated
26. Constructive
27. Machinelike
28. Mechanistic
29. Mechanized
30. Technical

When you are in search of a word to describe something that is powered by a machine or involves the use of machines, the best ideas are to use one of the many synonyms for the word «mechanical». These synonyms include automated, operated, robotic, motorized, electronic, controlled, programmed, driven, machined, constructed, powered, automotive, calculated, calculating, mechanical-like, man-made, artificial, disconnected, automatized, calculable, systematic, systematized, prefabricated, manufactured, fabricated, constructive, machinelike, mechanistic, mechanized, and technical. With such a wide variety of words to choose from, you can easily find the perfect word to describe any machine-driven activity.