Synonyms for Measures:

1. Tactics
2. Strategies
3. Plans
4. Practices
5. Policies
6. Regimens
7. Routines
8. Methods
9. Systems
10. Approaches
11. Techniques
12. Processes
13. Rules
14. Precepts
15. Guidelines
16. Standards
17. Rules of thumb
18. Precaution
19. Course of action
20. Course of conduct
21. Maneuvers
22. Manoeuvres
23. Prescriptions
24. Prescribed methods
25. Proposals
26. Schemes
27. Steps
28. Ways
29. Instruments
30. Instruments of action

When it comes to finding the best ideas for measures, it is important to consider a variety of synonyms. From tactics and strategies to policies and techniques, it is important to consider all of the other words for measures in order to find the best solution. Different approaches to measures can be tailored to different situations, so having a wide range of synonyms can help to ensure that the best solution is found for any given situation. Additionally, considering the various synonyms for measures can help to provide a better understanding of the different approaches that can be taken to any given situation.