1. Signified
2. Implied
3. Intended
4. Purposed
5. Implicit
6. Connoted
7. Expressed
8. Intimated
9. Denoted
10. Suggested
11. Alluded
12. Implication
13. Inferred
14. Intention
15. Signification
16. Presumed
17. Presupposed
18. Designated
19. Symbolized
20. Inscription
21. Intend
22. Intendant
23. Implicate
24. Portended
25. Betokened
26. Invented
27. Implicature
28. Presage
29. Symbolise
30. Prefigure

Searching for synonyms for the word «meant» can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best ideas for other words for this word. These include signified, implied, intended, purposed, implicit, connoted, expressed, intimated, denoted, suggested, alluded, implication, inferred, intention, signification, presumed, presupposed, designated, symbolized, inscription, intend, intendant, implicate, portended, betokened, invented, implicature, presage, symbolise, and prefigure. With this comprehensive list, you can be sure to find the perfect word to fit your needs. Whether you are writing a paper or simply trying to expand your vocabulary, these synonyms for «meant» will be a great resource.