1. Nastiest
2. Cruelest
3. Most vicious
4. Most malevolent
5. Most odious
6. Most wicked
7. Most abhorrent
8. Most nasty
9. Most spiteful
10. Most contemptible
11. Most obnoxious
12. Most obnoxious
13. Most detestable
14. Most repugnant
15. Most loathsome
16. Most abominable
17. Most obnoxious
18. Most hateful
19. Most acrimonious
20. Most rancorous
21. Most malevolent
22. Most malicious
23. Most callous
24. Most heartless
25. Most unkind
26. Most brutal
27. Most savage
28. Most vindictive
29. Most oppressive
30. Most heinous

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word ‘meanest’, it is important to consider the context in which the word is used. Synonyms such as ‘nastiest’, ‘cruelest’, ‘most vicious’, and ‘most malevolent’ are often used when describing someone or something that is unkind, malicious, and spiteful. Other words that can be used to describe the same sentiment include ‘most odious’, ‘most wicked’, ‘most abhorrent’, ‘most spiteful’, and ‘most contemptible’. Additionally, words such as ‘most obnoxious’, ‘most detestable’, ‘most repugnant’, and ‘most loathsome’ can be used to describe something that is particularly unpleasant or offensive. For a more extreme description, synonyms like ‘most abominable’, ‘most hateful’, ‘most acrimonious’, and ‘most rancorous’ can be used. Finally, words such as ‘most malicious’, ‘most callous’, ‘most heartless’, ‘most unkind’, ‘most brutal’, ‘most savage’, ‘most vindictive’, ‘most oppressive’, and ‘most heinous’ can be used to describe something or someone that is particularly cruel or harsh.