1. Axiom
2. Precept
3. Doctrine
4. Tenet
5. Proverb
6. Aphorism
7. Motto
8. Credo
9. Maxim
10. Postulate
11. Adage
12. Prescription
13. Injunction
14. Rule
15. Principle
16. Teaching
17. Saying
18. Byword
19. Dictum
20. Formula
21. Maxim
22. Imperative
23. Verdict
24. Canon
25. Proclamation
26. Theorem
27. Truism
28. Edict
29. Apothegm
30. Maxim

When trying to find alternative words for the word “maxim”, the best ideas are to look for synonyms. There are a variety of synonyms for the word “maxim”, including axiom, precept, doctrine, tenet, proverb, aphorism, motto, credo, postulate, adage, prescription, injunction, rule, principle, teaching, saying, byword, dictum, formula, imperative, verdict, canon, proclamation, theorem, truism, edict, and apothegm. Each of these terms can be used in place of the word “maxim” to convey the same meaning. Knowing the various words that can be used in place of “maxim” can help to expand your vocabulary and make your writing more interesting.