Synonyms for Math:

1. Arithmetic
2. Calculation
3. Algebra
4. Geometry
5. Arithmetical
6. Numeracy
7. Numeration
8. Computation
9. Calculus
10. Addition
11. Subtraction
12. Multiplication
13. Division
14. Estimation
15. Geometric
16. Trigonometry
17. Logarithm
18. Statistics
19. Quantification
20. Ciphers
21. Numerology
22. Ciphering
23. Summation
24. Abstraction
25. Notation
26. Problem-solving
27. Quantitative
28. Algorithms
29. Equations
30. Computation

When looking for synonyms for the word «math,» there are many ideas to consider. The best words to use to describe math are those that capture the complexity of the subject. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry are all words that accurately portray the breadth of the subject. More specific words like numeration, ciphers, and numerology also help to explain the nuances of math. Other words like summation, abstraction, equations, and algorithms provide further insight into the complexity of the subject. No matter which words you choose, the best ideas for synonyms for math will always be those that accurately capture the intricacies of the subject.