1. Communist
2. Socialist
3. Dialectical
4. Revolutionary
5. Proletarian
6. Materialist
7. Radical
8. Leninist
9. Collectivist
10. Structuralist
11. Trotskyist
12. Maoist
13. Structuralist
14. Syndicalist
15. Anarchist
16. Laborist
17. Bolivarian
18. Bolshevist
19. Autonomist
20. Pro-worker
21. Pro-labor
22. Pro-union
23. Pro-collective
24. Pro-redistribution
25. Pro-equality
26. Anti-capitalist
27. Anti-bourgeois
28. Anti-imperialist
29. Anti-exploitation
30. Anti-authoritarian

Searching for synonyms for the word «Marxist» can be a daunting task. It is important to consider the context of how the word is being used in order to find the most accurate and appropriate synonyms. The best ideas for synonyms for «Marxist» may include words such as «communist,» «socialist,» «dialectical,» «revolutionary,» «proletarian,» «materialist,» «radical,» «Leninist,» «collectivist,» «structuralist,» «Trotskyist,» «Maoist,» «syndicalist,» «anarchist,» «laborist,» «Bolivarian,» «Bolshevist,» «autonomist,» «pro-worker,» «pro-labor,» «pro-union,» «pro-collective,» «pro-redistribution,» «pro-equality,» «anti-capitalist,» «anti-bourgeois,» «anti-imperialist,» «anti-exploitation,» and «anti-authoritarian.» Using these words can help to provide a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the concept of Marxism. Additionally, these words can be used to further explore the various aspects of Marxism, such as its economic, social, and political implications.