1. Weds
2. Unites
3. Joins
4. Splices
5. Espouses
6. Ties the knot
7. Consummates
8. Bonds
9. Couples
10. Unions
11. Matrimonials
12. Yokes
13. Merges
14. Unions
15. Wedlocks
16. Weddings
17. Marriages
18. Nuptials
19. Joins in wedlock
20. Unites in matrimony
21. Joins in marriage
22. Mates
23. Partners
24. Links
25. Alliances
26. Connects
27. Merges
28. Intertwines
29. Unifies
30. Interlocks

Searching for synonyms for the word «marries»? Look no further! Here are the best ideas for other words for «marries». Weds, unites, joins, splices, espouses, ties the knot, consummates, bonds, couples, unions, matrimonials, yokes, merges, wedlocks, weddings, nuptials, joins in wedlock, unites in matrimony, joins in marriage, mates, partners, links, alliances, connects, intertwines, unifies, and interlocks are all synonyms for the word «marries». Whether you are writing a story or a paper, these synonyms can help you to express yourself in an interesting and varied way.