1. Wedded
2. Joined
3. United
4. Linked
5. Spousal
6. Conjugal
7. Nuptial
8. Betrothed
9. Yoked
10. Matrimonial
11. Espoused
12. Wedlocked
13. Handfasted
14. Connubial
15. Hymenal
16. Wed
17. Spliced
18. Tied the knot
19. Joined in holy matrimony
20. Hitched
21. Pledged
22. Partner
23. Matrimony
24. Vowed
25. Spoused
26. Married off
27. Took the plunge
28. Took the matrimonial plunge
29. Tied the matrimonial knot
30. Blended

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word “married”, there are many great ideas out there. Whether you are looking for a single word, a phrase, or a more creative expression, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the best synonyms for the word “married” include wedded, joined, united, linked, spousal, conjugal, nuptial, betrothed, and yoked. Other words for married include matrimonial, espoused, wedlocked, handfasted, connubial, hymenal, wed, spliced, tied the knot, joined in holy matrimony, hitched, pledged, partner, matrimony, vowed, spoused, married off, took the plunge, took the matrimonial plunge, tied the matrimonial knot, and blended. No matter the context, these synonyms for the word “married” can help you express yourself in a more precise and creative way.