1. Scars
2. Indentations
3. Traces
4. Imprints
5. Tracings
6. Signatures
7. Notches
8. Impressions
9. Etchings
10. Engravings
11. Signets
12. Inscriptions
13. Brands
14. Prints
15. Stamps
16. Blotches
17. Smudges
18. Blurs
19. Smears
20. Streaks
21. Stipples
22. Dabs
23. Splotches
24. Dents
25. Scratches
26. Creases
27. Lines
28. Scores
29. Furrows
30. Grooves

Finding the best synonyms for the word “marks” can be challenging. Whether you are looking for other words for marks, synonyms for marks, or ideas for marks, this list of 30 terms should help you find the perfect word for your project. From scars and indentations to brands and prints, this list of synonyms will help you find the best word to fit your needs. With words like traces, imprints, and tracings, you can find a unique and interesting synonym to use instead of marks. For more creative ideas, try using signets, inscriptions, and stamps. No matter what type of word you are looking for, this list of synonyms for marks will help you find the perfect word.