1. Sailors
2. Leathernecks
3. Sea Soldiers
4. Sea Dogs
5. Devil Dogs
6. Amphibious Warriors
7. Sea Warriors
8. Sea Service
9. Sea Going Warriors
10. Sea Going Soldiers
11. Sea Going Sailors
12. Beach Jumpers
13. Amphibious Fighters
14. Amphibious Troops
15. Naval Infantry
16. Naval Gunners
17. Naval Aviators
18. Naval Security Forces
19. Naval Special Operations
20. Naval Expeditionary Forces
21. Naval Expeditionary Combat Command
22. Coastal Defenders
23. Naval Expeditionary Logistics
24. Naval Expeditionary Combatants
25. Naval Expeditionary Combat Commanders
26. Naval Expeditionary Logisticians
27. Naval Expeditionary Combat Operations
28. Marine Corps
29. Marine Division
30. Marine Regiment

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