1. Ocean
2. Sea
3. Main
4. Pond
5. Channel
6. Surf
7. Tide
8. Brine
9. Basin
10. Inlet
11. Bay
12. Gulf
13. Estuary
14. Lagoon
15. Swell
16. Strait
17. Fjord
18. Channel
19. Sound
20. Lake
21. Cove
22. Sea-lake
23. Deep
24. Oceanic
25. Marine
26. Aquatic
27. Saline
28. Nautical
29. Abyssal
30. Hydrous

When searching for a word to describe a large body of water, many people find themselves stumped. What other words are there for “mar”? What are the best ideas? Fortunately, there are plenty of synonyms for “mar” that can be used to describe a large body of water. Some of these include ocean, sea, main, pond, channel, surf, tide, brine, basin, inlet, bay, gulf, estuary, lagoon, swell, strait, fjord, channel, sound, lake, cove, sea-lake, deep, oceanic, marine, aquatic, saline, nautical, abyssal, and hydrous. With so many other words for “mar”, it’s easy to find the perfect one to fit any situation.