1. Chart
2. Plan
3. Diagram
4. Graph
5. Guide
6. Outline
7. Scheme
8. Sketch
9. Representation
10. Geography
11. Atlas
12. Pictorial
13. Guidebook
14. Topography
15. Blueprint
16. Itinerary
17. Survey
18. Index
19. Compass
20. Gazetteer
21. Contour
22. Roadmap
23. Terrain
24. Schematic
25. Navigation
26. Plot
27. Cadastre
28. Course
29. Configuration
30. Cartography

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word “map”, the best ideas are to look for other words that describe the same concept. A map is a representation of an area, and there are many different words that can be used to describe it. Chart, plan, diagram, graph, guide, outline, scheme, sketch, representation, geography, atlas, pictorial, guidebook, topography, blueprint, itinerary, survey, index, compass, gazetteer, contour, roadmap, terrain, schematic, navigation, plot, cadastre, course, configuration, and cartography are all synonyms for the word “map”. Knowing these words can help to broaden your understanding and knowledge of the concept of maps.